Don't be surprised when you go to auction with your equipment. You need to know what your asset is worth so you can make a qualified decision on whether to store or sell it.

We offer two services:

INFORMAL APPRAISALS - An ESSCO appraisal expert with years of experience will determine the value of your equipment based on our industry knowledge, proprietary research, and analysis of comparable sales.

FORMAL APPRAISALS - Here, we incorporate the knowledge from an informal appraisal, and combine it with a thorough mechanical and cosmetic inspection. We produce a formal report, tailored to the specific reason for the appraisal. This type of appraisal can be required for insurance purposes, loans, residual and end-of-term leases, liquidations, and auctions.

We provide single machine or complete fleet appraisals, and can do them at our premises or yours. Appraisal results are readily available to our clients.