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Equipment Storage & Sales Co. (ESSCO) helps distressed heavy equipment owners by providing transportation, storage, appraisal and sales for bank-owned or otherwise distressed cranes, construction and transportation equipment.

ESSCO is an alternative to getting less than full value for your equipment in an auction or quick sale. We help get you the most money for your cranes, construction and transportation equipment.

We specialize in servicing owners of:

  • All Types of Cranes
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Transportation Equipment

We provide:

TRANSPORTATION - Crane and heavy equipment transportation requires specialized skills and equipment. We have 25 locations all over the U.S. and can pick up equipment anywhere. We have skilled equipment operators and an army of heavy haul trailers to pick up and secure your equipment for transport to one of our storage facilities.

EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT - We survey the equipment and identify any minor or major repairs necessary, perform recommended maintenance, and clean and properly store the equipment. If necessary, we test and certify equipment for operation and resale. All of these services are trackable through our reporting system that shows the equipment location, status, and services provided to date.

APPRAISAL - You can't exactly look up the value of a crane on Craigslist. We have appraisal experts with years of experience that can determine the value of your equipment based on our industry knowledge, proprietary research, and analysis of comparable sales. Once armed with this information, we talk with our clients to advise the best strategy to liquidate their equipment. If necessary, we also do formal appraisals for the purpose of insurance, loans, residual and end-of-term leases, and liquidations.

MARKETING AND SALES - Don't go to an auction and watch your equipment sell for less than it's worth! ESSCO can make you more money. We have an established global marketing campaign that offers extended reach to both online and print trade buyers. Through partnerships with major heavy equipment resellers, we have an extensive database of thousands of established cranes, construction and transportation fleet owners, and qualified buyers. We can broker a deal to get you more than you would going to auction.